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Created in September 2005 by 4 Belgian and French publishers, offers the most comprehensive online collection of publications in French language in humanities and social sciences. Over 400 journals and 4.000 eBooks from major French, Belgian and Swiss publishers are available on the platform, enabling students, scholars, librarians and walk-in users to access more than 300.000 articles/book chapters online, in full-text. Featured publishers include the Presses Universitaires de France, Lavoisier, Armand Colin, Belin, La Documentation française, les Belles Lettres, Le Seuil, Minuit, Gallimard, Presses de Sciences Po, De Boeck, La Découverte, Dalloz, Alternatives économiques, etc. Cairn International Edition is the English-language interface ( with full English metadata and high-quality English translations of selected articles from’s most prestigious journals. It is a perfect resource for non-French speakers to access the latest discussions in French academia.

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